GIS Technology Evolving Thanks to Geo-Immersion

USC researchers studying next-generation mapping they call Geo-Immersion

by / August 4, 2011

How might GIS mapping evolve in the coming years? Researchers at the University of Southern California Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC) think they know. Center director Cyrus Shahabi calls it Geo-Immersion.

According to the IMSC, Geo-Immersion is, “a new computing paradigm that enables humans the ability to capture, model and integrate real-world data into a geo-realistic virtual replica of the world for immersive data access, querying and analysis. The Geo-Immersion paradigm promises advanced solutions for numerous existing applications, as well as novel solutions for new ground-breaking applications.”

Watch this short video, produced by the National Science Foundation, to learn more about why Geo-Immersion might be the future of GIS.