Milwaukee to Build a High-Tech Water Research Center

Officials gathered Aug. 13 at the site of the future water research center where 150 local water technology companies will have an opportunity to participate and develop new products.

by / August 17, 2012
Image from Shutterstock

A new water research center will be built in Milwaukee with the hope that some of the world's water shortage and purity issues can be solved. City and state officials met at an old warehouse on Aug. 13 where the center will be constructed.

"Right now, a child dies every 20 seconds in the world from a lack of fresh water," said Rich Meeusen, the Milwaukee Water Council co-chair, reported the TMJ4 news station. "That is a sin. Even in the United States we have big water problems. Atlanta has huge water problems. We're still drawing water out of the Colorado River and it's running dry before it ever gets to Mexico."

The new building will house water-related research activities for universities, existing water-related companies, the Water Council and companies promoting business development and accelerator space for new water-related companies, according to a blog post from the council.

Milwaukee is home to more than 150 water technology companies, and construction of the center is expected to generate more than 500 local jobs.

The center's amenities will include a 50-person lecture hall, exhibition space for new prototypes and high-tech, shared, core facilities, such as a state-of-the-art water flow lab.

The center is expected to be completed by summer 2013.