More Enterprises Choosing Solid-State Drives for Storage

As prices continue to drop on solid-state drives, more organizations are looking into the storage medium that speeds up their systems.

by / September 10, 2012

An increasing number of enterprise IT shops are looking to newer, faster solid-state drive (SSD) technology for data storage, reported. Prices of SSDs have been in steady decline over the past 12 months and prices on traditional hard disk drives remain relatively high even though flooding that began last summer has stopped in Thailand, where many SSDs are made.

Just a couple years ago solid-state drives were considered a luxury item, but now budget-conscious organizations with high read/write workloads are weighing the option of an upgrade to SSD. Ron Wilson, a technologist supervisor at Delaware Health and Social Services, is among those considering such an upgrade. "Our Tier 1 right now is just 15,000 rpm drives," Wilson said. "A lot more SQL databases and an increased need for performance with these new applications may drive the need for us to go SSD."

It would appear Wilson isn't alone, as 72 percent of 1,014 IT managers surveyed in a recent poll by International Data Corp. said they either use of plan to use SSDs in their data centers within the next 12 months. While most of those polled fell into the “plan to use” category, the increased interest and decreasing price point indicate an industry trend.

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