Obama Campaign Adopts 'Wet Signature' to Entice New Voters

Citizens use their mobile devices to control a mechanical pen miles away so they can register to vote.

by / September 21, 2012
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Voter registration forms can be found online, but they still need to be printed, signed and mailed, so a new technology being used by the Obama campaign is taking things one step further. A new website allows residents of Washington, D.C., North Carolina and 10 other states to register to vote using “wet signature” technology. The new technology automates most of the voting registration process, making it faster and easier than usual, reported PilotOnline.com

By visiting GottaRegister.com, users can register to vote and then use their finger or stylus on a mobile device to remotely direct a mechanical pen at an office that physically signs a registration form. The completed form is automatically mailed to the elections office in the applicant's county for review.

Youth-oriented pro-voting group Rock the Vote uses the same technology in North Carolina and two other states to encourage voter participation, said spokesperson Chrissy Faessen. “We need a voting system that works for the 21st-century electorate,” she said.

More states will likely adopt wet signature technology eventually because it's “good for the voter,” said spokesperson Jude Barry, who works for Allpoint Voter Services, the company providing the technology for Obama's campaign.