Social Media Users Say 'No Politics Please'

A new browser extension that filters out political discussions on Facebook based on keywords has experienced sudden popularity.

by / October 8, 2012
Campaign button image by Shutterstock/Tom McKeith Image by Shutterstock/Tom McKeith

As Election Day approaches, fervent political Facebook discussions become more common, but some people just aren't interested. A new Internet browser extension, called No Politics Please, was created for people who would rather not be exposed to heated political debates while catching up with family and friends online, reported.

"I'm not anti-politics but on Facebook people are looking for a more pleasurable experience," creator Kevin Faul said. "It seems like Facebook was starting to get overrun with political posts. I think people want Facebook to be a friendly place."

Faul made the extension in his spare time and said he never expected to get such a positive response from his creation. He now plans to possibly create a Twitter version of the extension.

The filter used by the extension is also customizable, so users can filter out any topic or keyword they prefer not to read about.

The extension can be found for free at