Report: Uncovered 1983 Steve Jobs Tape Predicts Future

The late Apple co-founder had a cult-like following while alive, but in death and now with the release of a new recording full of predictions from 1983, he's might be elevated to the status of a modern-day Nostradamus.

by / October 4, 2012

Fans of Apple and the late Steve Jobs now have access to a slice of what the man was thinking in 1983. A cassette tape of a talk by “Steven Jobs” given on June 15, 1983 was discovered by John Celuch of Inland Design, in which Jobs outlined several predictions for the world of computing. In the 54-minute talk, Jobs told stories, cracked jokes and explained where he saw the industry going, Slash Gear reported.

The tape, titled The Future Isn't What It Used To Be, has a 28-year-old Jobs discussing topics like voice recognition, home networking and portable computers. Predictions made by Jobs in the talk include the advent of portable computers that people would use to pick up information anywhere via radio links. Another prediction was that in several years, people would spend more time with their computers than with their vehicles.

“[Apple's strategy is to] put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you that you can learn how to use in 20 minutes,” Jobs said. He also predicted that the music industry would change as software developed, leaving brick-and-mortar stores in obsolescence. In essence, Jobs foretold iTunes 20 years before it became reality.

The full recording is available on SoundCloud.