generation of renewable energy or roofs designed in accordance with the state's storm water management program's standards and specifications with regard stormwater control mechanisms.

Under SB 1350, the Marine Resources Commission now has the authority to lease sub-aqueous lands for the purpose of generating electrical energy from renewable sources, transmit energy from such sources to shore, and ensure that any such leases require a royalty. Any money collected through this initiative will be appropriated to the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium. The bill also directs VMRC to determine whether sufficient and appropriate sub-aqueous lands exist to support a commercial offshore wind farm and, if such land exists, offer it for development in a lease auction.

Amended bills returned to the legislature for reconsideration include SB 1248, HB 2506 SB 1339 and HB 2155. SB 1248, which would have required statewide reduction of electricity consumption by 19 percent of 2006 levels by 2025, now makes that goal voluntary with incentives for utilities that meet it. The Governor's Office noted that this bill has the support of both the electric utilities and environmental groups.

SB 1339, which increases the commonwealth's renewable portfolio standard goal from 12% to15% by 2025 to ensure that utilities aggressively pursue renewable energy, was also amended.

The amended legislation will be considered during on April 8th.