In 1999 the Wisconsin Legislature created Focus on Energy to provide energy efficiency and renewable energy resources for residences, business, and state and local government organizations. Focus isn't a state agency, but a nonprofit that provides technical expertise, training and education for vendors and its customers.

"Our emphasis is to help customers implement projects that otherwise would not be completed or to complete projects sooner than scheduled," said Amanda Wollin, marketing manager of Focus on Energy. "Our efforts help Wisconsin businesses manage rising energy costs, protect the environment and control the state's growing demand for electricity and natural gas."

Wollin said Focus provides energy assessments for organizations and helps them find reputable vendors and service providers to implement energy efficiency programs. "One way of helping is to look at their information technology systems, which includes everything from the actual computers and workstations to their servers and the different IT infrastructure," she said.

To be part of the reputable vendor list, program representatives educate the vendors on Focus's energy efficient programs, services and incentives. For an organization to be eligible to participate with Focus, it must be served by a participating utility company in Wisconsin. However, Wollin said nearly all of the state's utilities participate in the program.

PC Energy Management

Focus on Energy offers incentives for installing qualified systems, like PC energy management controls, from participating vendors like Kaseya. Wollin said the program offers an incentive of $6 for every computer the energy management software is installed on, but through Aug. 30 the amount is doubled to $12 per computer.

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Elaine Rundle  |  Staff Writer