A big snowstorm is under way and is forecast to end sometime before Sunday, when the Green Bay Packers host the New York Giants in the NFL playoffs. Fans traveling to the game could be traveling on roads that are a little bit safer.

According to Green Bay, Wis., TV station WLUK, the city’s Public Works Department has two new spreaders that waste less salt applied to snowy roads.

The technology wets the salt as it’s applied, which helps more stick to the road surface. As much as 30 percent of salt bounces off the road when spread by conventional methods, but the new spreaders only waste 4 percent, according to the city.

The city has put a bid out to retrofit the city’s entire truck fleet with the new machines, which would help the city save $100,000 annually, according to the report.

Click on the image below to go to YouTube and view WLUK’s news report on the new salt spreaders.