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Today the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) released a report, Explaining International IT Application Leadership: Intelligent Transportation Systems, and will hold a forum for domestic and international transportation experts to discuss the implications of the findings.

The report highlights the increasing disparity between foreign industrialized nations and the United States regarding the current use of new technologies to address major transportation congestion, safety and environmental problems.

"The report should be a serious wake-up call to our nation's transportation leaders and policymakers as to why the U.S. is not staying competitive in the international market," said Scott Belcher, president and CEO of the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) of America. "Other industrialized nations have learned that a major key to transportation efficiency and economic growth is developing intelligent transportation systems to allow for the safe and easy movement of goods and people."

Improving a nation's transportation system involves more than building new roads and repairing old infrastructure. The future of transportation includes networks of sensors, microchips, cameras, vehicle probes and devices to disseminate information in real time to the masses.

Here are a few of the countries that are leading the way in ITS development and some of their strengths:

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Casey Mayville  |  Writer