June 21
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Thursday, June 21, 2012
11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET

The EPA tells us that cash-strapped state and local governments spend more than $10 billion every year to provide services and meet constituent needs.  Then there are the costs to run the agencies, including purchasing, using and disposing of IT equipment, along with purchasing paper and printing supplies. Add to that the fact that government doesn’t often take advantage of trade-in and IT recycling programs, and the hidden cost of these inefficiencies is staggering.

If we change that, can government become fiscally and environmentally sustainable at the same time?

A consensus is developing that green government is indeed good government. Fiscal sustainability can go hand-in-glove with environmental stewardship. But to close this gap, we need to improve awareness and training. A new study from Government Technology reports that 66% of government officials didn’t know how much of their budgets went to green initiatives, and 68% said that their employees needed more awareness, training, and education around environmental issues.

Join Government Technology, the Center for Digital Government and HP for a live, interactive webinar that will do just that. You and your team members will: 

  • Learn insights and trends from our new survey on green IT
  • Hear ways to cut costs by identifying and managing power inefficiency
  • Learn how to reduce paper, ink, and toner waste
  • Become aware of convenient trade-up and recycling programs for IT equipment and used supplies

John Miri
Center for Digital Government
Randi Braunwalder 
Environmental Programs Manager 
Hewlett-Packard Company
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