Are We Smarter Yet?

December 14
Duration: 60 minutes

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Information sharing, analytics and artificial intelligence are transforming governments and the communities they serve. In fact, the recent Public CIO Special Report titled “Getting Smarter about Data” points out that data is now the cornerstone for most projects. Government organizations are realizing many benefits from data, data sharing and intelligent software. And this is just the beginning. As more and better artificial intelligence (AI) tools emerge, state and local governments have an opportunity to take their data to the next level, where technology not only helps make better decisions, but more informed decisions. Join Public CIO, Stu Davis, CIO of the State of Ohio and Ed Kelly, Statewide Data Coordinate for the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) for an informative discussion on the role data is playing in their jurisdictions.

Topic will include:

  • The importance of an enterprise strategy
  • Starting points for more effective data governance
  • The growing use of unstructured data
  • Balancing access and privacy

Featured Speakers: 

Stu Davis, Public CIO, State of Ohio

Ed Kelly, Statewide Data Coordinator, Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)


Alan Cox, Executive Vice President & Publisher, Public CIO

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