January 19

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As State & Local Government IT departments work to keep pace with the expanding needs of internal customers, the consolidation of audio/visual networks with IP networks is hitting full stride. From multi-use conference rooms and flexible workspaces, to EOCs, Command Centers, Stadiums, Conference Halls, Auditoriums, and other users of rich audio/visual data, IT organization are finding that putting AV on the network (networked A/V) makes good sense. Done right, networked AV represents a technological sea change — but only if organizations choose the right portfolio of hardware and software components and implement a practical strategy for rolling out the new platform.  

Join Government Technology magazine and HARMAN to see why state and local government CIOs and CTOs are saying, “That’s what I want!  I want my AV network to run over my IP network.” Topics will include:

  • Why AV and IT Are Converging
  • What the Future Holds for Converged AV/IT
  • Why IT Organizations Are Taking the Lead
  • What Users Are Demanding
  • And more…



Joe Faulk

Joe Faulk

Manager, Information Systems & Business Enterprise, Austin Public Library

Mark Templeton

Mark Templeton

Director of Sales, HARMAN

Morgan Wright

Morgan Wright — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government