May 23

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Director of Marketing Julie Brashaber will discuss how her city responded when a neighboring community had a lawsuit filed against their police department, and why they decided to start archiving. She will also share lessons learned on how to manage social media policy, particularly across a distributed group, and how they have used automated archiving to proactively protect their City.

This webinar will provide you will an opportunity to hear directly from the City of Franklin and ArchiveSocial to learn:

● How the City of Franklin engages with citizens on social media
● How agencies can proactively protect their agency in the event of a lawsuit surrounding social media
● How to manage your social media policy and keep all of your voices and accounts accountable
● How agencies can efficiently maintain digital records for social media communications in compliance with public records laws


Julie Brashaber

Julie Brashaber

Director of Marketing, City of Franklin, IN

Anil Chawla

Anil Chawla

Founder & CEO, ArchiveSocial

Morgan Wright

Morgan Wright — Moderator

Center for Digital Government