January 19
Duration: 1 hour

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IT Security practitioners have long acknowledged that the insider threat poses a clear and present danger to secure systems. Whether or not authorized users have malicious intent, their proximity to sensitive data makes them dangerous. In our recent survey of your peers, 81 percent reported that they have an IT Security Plan in place. But many, if not most, lacked the tools to protect against insiders.

If insiders are the threat, then the lack of security for printing is the vulnerability most urgently in need of action. Unencrypted data travels between PCs and printers – then physical hardcopies sit unattended waiting for pickup. While this is a familiar situation, it’s also a major data breach waiting to happen.

Join Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government for a live, interactive webinar to learn how to counter address printing vulnerabilities. You will learn:

  • What your peers told us they are doing in our recent survey
  • Why insiders – and specifically printers – pose such a threat
  • How new secure printing can address your most challenging vulnerabilities
  • How to reduce printing and imaging costs while improving security


Joseph Morris

Lead Analyst
Center for Digital Government


Michael Howard

World Wide Business Development Manager for Security Solutions
Imaging & Printing Group







For questions, please contact:

Lee Vang

800-940-6039 ext 1407

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