October 17
Duration: 1 hour

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Governments legitimately require forms and documentation from constituents and customers before providing permits, licenses and other services.    This can be quite problematical for field workers and the applicants, who need to find documents, then bring them into the government office or find a fax machine to send them.  Such documents might include proof of identity or an inspection report or a registration card.  And the process often requires multiple trips to the office during business hours.

But today many, if not most, people have smart phones or tablet computers with cameras.  Wouldn’t it be ideal if they could take a photo of the document and send it for automatic processing?   And wouldn’t it be better for the government employee to be able to automatically extract the data from the photo and directly input it to the automated benefit or permitting system?   Such capture software exists and is being used by many governments and private companies today.
In this webinar learn 
  • How governments turn a citizen smart phone into a method for document capture and automatic routing of information
  • How to improve field worker productivity by using smart phones and tablets to capture documents and turn them into searchable PDFs 
  • How application forms can be wirelessly submitted and processed from photographs and images
  • Practical examples such as documenting cases for human services benefits and capturing license and registration information for accident reports


Bill Schrier

Former CTO
City of Seattle &
Deputy Director
Center for Digital Government


Bruce Orcutt
Product Marketing
Kofax, Inc.

For question sor more information, please contact:

Lee Vang
Registration Coordinator
800-940-6039 ext. 1407

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