Day-to-day and in Crisis: How Dallas, Texas Promotes Transparency through Social Media

December 8
Duration: 60 minutes

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On December 8, join the City of Dallas, Texas and ArchiveSocial for an interactive discussion about how transparency initiatives are helping to transform governments, and the role social media plays in these efforts.

Senior Public Information Officer Justin Snasel will share his story of making Dallas’ public safety, financial, and communications records open and available to the public. He’ll discuss lessons learned and explore the role of social media in communicating these transparency initiatives with the public, including the decision to make social media itself more transparent by opening up the city’s archive of their social media records.

This webinar will provide you with an opportunity to hear directly from the City of Dallas, TX and ArchiveSocial to learn:

  • The benefits of increased transparency for both citizens and public officials.
  • How social media fits into transparency initiatives.
  • How agencies can efficiently maintain digital records for social media communications in compliance with the Texas Public Information Act.
  • How ArchiveSocial Open Archive enables government transparency efforts.


Featured Speakers:

Justin Snasel, Senior Public Information Officer, City of Dallas

Anil Chawla, Founder & CEO, ArchiveSocial


Morgan Wright, Senior Fellow, Government Technology

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