December 12
Duration: 1 hour

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Join Digital Communities and Government Technology to discuss how Bexar County implemented a new ERP system and transformed the County’s business processes, and the lessons learned along the way. .
In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Bexar uses its ERP for strategic sourcing, including all-electronic purchasing, payment and auditing.  .
  • The effect of the new ERP on County budgeting and day-to-day financial management such as producing invoices for the crime lab..
  • How  Bexar prepared for the implementation and made critical pre-implementation decisions, plus what future capabilities Bexar plans to add to its ERP, thereby relieving other pain points.



Bill Schrier
Former CTO, City of Seattle
Deputy Director
Center for Digital Government

Cathy Maras
Bexar County, Texas

Brenda White
Project Manager

For questions, contact:

Katherine Howard
Registration Coordinator
800-940-6039 ext. 1421

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