October 27
Duration: 1 hour

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 How do you “peel back the covers” on the rising trend of mobility as it moves at a faster rate than the Internet at its start?

Join the Center for Digital Government in cooperation with Public CIO, as we present an informative webinar on the way that mobility is changing the way federal, state and local government organizations do business.  We will present the impressive findings of the latest Public CIO Special Report on mobility and show you how to utilize this information in your daily operations.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Who the enablers are behind the mobility movement


  • How the City of Salt Lake saved time and money by applying mobile applications to assist with building permits, licenses and community development


  • How the Michigan DHS deployed mobile “bundles” of technology to assist their social workers to improve accuracy, timelines and overall care for children and families in need


  • An overview on how governments can fund mobile IT initiatives


John Miri

Center for Digital Government


Bill Haight

Chief Information Officer
Salt Lake City Corporation
Information Management Services






For questions, please contact:

Lee Vang

800-940-6039 ext 1407

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