February 29
Duration: 1 hour

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Healthcare reform is looming large on the radar and most public sector organizations are working diligently on plans to address the deadlines.  Health information exchanges, insurance exchanges and benefit exchanges are topping the priority lists for many states as they strive for simplification, regulation, and transparency.  Technology is the key enabler to meet these objectives and achieve overall compliance.

It is clear that managing this process across the program specific silos and between providers requires good planning, the right people, the right architecture, and the right technology.  It is also imperative to capture a complete view of an individual or household and their interaction with health care services.

This webinar will provide an update on key dates, an overview of progress being made at the state level and an industry perspective on architecture based on lessons learned from other implementations.  A portion of the discussion will focus on master data management to integrate data and insure data quality throughout the system.

Join the Center for Digital Government and Informatica for a discussion on the current state of exchanges and how your plans can be brought to fruition.

John Miri

Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government

Kimberley Williams

Chief Strategist
Public Sector







For information, please contact:

Jeremy Smith

800-940-6039 ext. 1402

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