February 15
Duration: 1 hour

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Based on the responses to our Enterprise Mobility survey, it is clear that a growing number of government employees utilize mobile devices to increase their productivity on the job.  However, IT strategies for supporting this mobile workforce are in many cases lagging behind the times. Why does this matter? In addition to the data in this report, according to a variety of estimates, about one-third of work is no longer being done in a traditional office.  Whether telecommuting, visiting a regional office, doing field work or traveling, a growing number of employees are shifting where, when and how they do their jobs. Furthermore, support for printing is often overlooked, despite its importance to the productivity of the workforce.

Does your agency have a strategy for supporting mobile devices? Does it address mobile printing solutions?  This webinar will provide you an overview of the Government Technology survey on Enterprise Mobility and will offer solutions to some of the challenges identified by our readers.

Topics will include:

  • Enterprise Mobility survey results
  • How to get more from your mobile devices
  • Printing on-the-go from your mobile device to public or office printers
  • How to increase productivity for busy executives


John Miri

Senior Fellow,
Center for Digital Government
Former Director of E-Government,
State of Texas


Gary Rodgers

WW Government Market Consultant
Hewlett-Packard Company








For questions, please contact:

Katherine Howard

(916) 932 - 1421

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