January 24
Duration: 1 hour

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Due to an uncertain economy and fewer job prospects, citizens have increased their demand on government “safety net” programs for all types of government assistance. To keep up with this increase in demand, Ventura County’s Human Services Agency (HSA) has turned to Kofax to help them processes over 3 million applications for citizen services each year. Dealing with information arriving on over 750 different types of applications and forms, Ventura County uses Kofax solutions to capture and automatically route that information for processing. By providing a single entry point for formerly siloed services, Ventura County can now link together and track their services across all programs to expedite and streamline access to benefits. This also provides staff access to all case files anytime and anywhere they need it – whether at their desks, or on the go.

Ventura County has gained a wealth of experience over the past year while planning and implementing their new citizen benefits system including invaluable information about lessons learned, their clients, demographics, and how to measure their return-on-investment (ROI).   

In this Webinar Ventura will share their experience and plans.   You will learn:

  • How they implemented their solution – what worked and what they’d do differently.
  • Who the system serves and what benefits it returns to citizens and employees in terms of simplifying and speeding business processes.
  • The return-on-investment Ventura has experienced and what they expect to gain in the future.
  • Ventura’s plans for enhancements and further improvement in automating business processes for human assistance.


Bill Schrier
Former CTO, City of Seattle
Deputy Director
Center for Digital Government


Patty Sanchez
Application Development
IT Services Dept. Ventura County

Leticia Morales
ECM Business Manager
IT Services Dept. Ventura County

Carl Hillier
Sr. Director 
Product Marketing
Kofax, Inc. 

For questions, contact:

Jeremy Smith
Registration Coordinator

800-940-6039 ext. 1402 

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