June 26
Duration: 1 hour

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Since you can’t do everything, how do you know that what you are doing is happening where it is needed most?

In the age of mobility madness, this special report looks at the ways in which governments are harnessing geographic information systems (GIS), location apps, geo tracking and Geo-IP to make better decisions, improve communication, ensure cost savings and deliver services where they are most needed.

Join the Center for Digital Government and Public CIO for a live webinar on this critical topic. You will learn:

  •     5 Reasons GIS is Transforming Government from a Colorado mountain community to the halls of Washington D.C.
  •     6 Common Challenges to next generation GIS implementation and 6 Secrets of Success to overcome them
  •     How you can improve Emergency Response, Law Enforcement and Justice, Health and Human Services, Utilities and Public Works, Transportation and Economic Development with an integrated set of location-based tools.

Join us for this special webinar event to launch our newest special report! All attendees will receive a free copy of Public CIO’s freshest analysis on how governments are using location specific information to meet citizen expectations and improve government services.

Todd Sander
Executive Director
Center for Digital Government

Mary Lackner
GIS Manager
City of Aspen & Pitkin County

Neil Adcox
Chief Information Officer
South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce

Harvey Simon
Geospatial Information Officer
Office of Environmental Information
Environmental Protection Agency

For questions or to register, contact:

Ashley Corsini
Registration Coordinator
Center for Digital Government
(800) 940-6039 ext. 1305

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