December 1
Duration: 1 hour

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Digital Communities, The Center for Digital Government and Government Technology invite you to participate in a special webinar featuring a City of Savannah, Georgia official who will explain how improvements in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) got rid of expensive legacy systems and excess paper while improving information and payment processing efficiency.  

The City of Savannah is now able to easily exchange information across departments, with a clear "single version of the truth," where financial data is concerned and streamline their procurement processes.

Hear specifically how the City of Savannah:

  • Is planning to build upon their initial success in finance and procurement and how they have incorporated a user productivity tool and customizable interface that enhances the user experience and increases efficiency.


  • Leverages sophisticated reporting capabilities to support decision-making and process improvements.


  •  Worked together with their vendor to quickly and successfully implement the new system on time and within budget and prepare themselves to put additional enterprise upgrades in place.


Todd Sander

Deputy Director
Center for Digital Government



Joy Wilkinson

ERP Project Manager
City of Savannah

John Angele
Public Sector Services Director
Lawson – an Infor affiliate








For questions, please contact:

Anthony Yanez

800-940-6039 ext 1348

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