April 25
Duration: 1 hour

Unprecedented investment and public-private collaboration is paving the way for faster (and cheaper) government communications networks that just won’t quit. While the Public Safety community has led the way into the 4G/LTE realm, all areas of government can benefit from a secure and uncompromised nationwide high-speed wireless network.

We invite you to join an active discussion with our distinguished panel of experts, including perspectives  from Government Technology and Public CIO magazines. 
By attending this live, interactive webinar, you will learn about:
  • Issues and trends in LTE networks and capabilities
  • How 4G/LTE networks reduce operations costs and enhance service delivery
  • Which dynamic capabilities are enabled by these networks
  • How the recent D Block legislation benefits the country going forward
For information, please contact:
Brittany McCoy
Registration Coordinator
Government Technology
800-940-6039 ext. 1341