January 31
Duration: 1 hour

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Governments are used to having constituents — not friends, fans and followers. But with the convergence of ubiquitous mobility with user-centric, interactive social media technologies, leaders at of federal, state and local governments are developing technology initiatives that provide citizens and businesses with unprecedented opportunities for communication. With the pace of change accelerating, government officials want to know: what works, what doesn’t, and how do I get my organizationthere.

To answer this question, the Center for Digital Government and Public CIO completed an in-depth national research project and special report. We scoured the country for the trends, best practices, and insights that make the biggest difference for the people we serve. We learned that 46% of agencies and departments surveyed had already developed mobile apps for their constituents. That 87% were using Facebook to engage the public. And that powerful best practices were emerging already.

Join the Center for Digital Government and Public CIO for a live, interactive webinar on this crucial topic. You will hear from and interact with:

  • Erin Devoto from the City of Seattle, who will explain the Seattle Police’s popular “Tweets-by-Beat” program for crime and safety communications
  • Bob Sievert and Kim Madison from Virginia’s e-Procurement Bureau, who will share how they are using mobile apps to modernize $4 billion of annual government purchases

John MiriJohn Miri
Center for Digital Government



Erin Devoto
Chief Technology Officer
City of Seattle

Bob Sievert
Director, eProcurement Bureau, Division of Purchases & Supply,
Dept. of General Services, Commonwealth of Virginia



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Government Technology
800-940-6039 ext. 1410


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