January 22
Duration: 1 hour

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Governments collect and manage vast amounts of data.  But turning that data into information, and using that information to intelligently manage government operations and constituent services is a huge challenge.  Business intelligence is the science of integrating and analyzing data to manage performance and make the best decisions. 

An important prerequisite to implement any business intelligence system is creating a roadmap and plan.  That’s especially true in large government organizations where the data can be used for multiple purposes - for example staff utilization, financial management and reporting, regulatory reporting, and more specifically in the case below at the Department of Health Services, tracking patient progress, clinical diagnosis, plus billing and reimbursement.

The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services will share its successful process for building such a BI roadmap. 

In this Webinar you will learn: 

  • How the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services created a roadmap for the use of business intelligence to manage a vast repository of patient data.
  • How to clarify vision and goals, assess requirements, and identify the business drivers which dictate a business intelligence solution to an information management problem.
  • Key success factors to guide management of a business intelligence project.
  • Important metrics and indicators which justify the software, staffing and resource investments needed in successful BI projects


Bill Schrier
Former CTO, City of Seattle
Deputy Director
Center for Digital Government


Lily Wun-Nagoaka

Chief, Fiscal Programs Division
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

Mark Arshawsky
Director, BI and Analytics Practice
US Operations, Sierra Systems

Irene Dyer
Office of Planning and Analysis
Los Angeles County 
Department of Health Services

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