November 19
Duration: 1 hour

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013
11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

Cyber attacks have changed dramatically over just a few years.   Broad, scattershot attacks designed for mischief have been replaced by attacks that are advanced, targeted, stealthy, and persistent.

A compelling new survey from the Center for Digital Government reveals the growing concern of the advanced persistent threat (APT) against government organizations.

Join Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government for a live webinar to hear insightful survey findings and useful advice from your state and local government colleagues across the nation. Some of the conclusions will surprise you.

  • Understand government agencies' degree of cyber-preparedness.
  • Learn what steps one municipality took to protect critical assets.
  • Determine key strategies and tactics to strengthen your cyber posture.

Featured Speakers:

Michael K. Hamilton
Former CISO
City of Seattle

Tony Cole
Vice President and
Global Government CTO

John Miri
Center For Digital Government

For questions or to register, contact:

Katherine Howard
Government Technology
800.940.6039 ext. 1421

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