May 4

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Your citizens expect better and more personalized digital services. Your employees want access to the resources and systems they need from any location. But your ability to move toward these modern digital experiences depends on how well you manage identity and access for this growing user population.

Join Government Technology to learn how cloud-based identity and access management lays the foundation for digital transformation with better security and less cost. During this live webinar, you’ll learn:
- How IAM facilitates the management of electronic identities
- Lessons learned from government IAM programs
- How IAM can help accelerate government modernization and enable jurisdictions to better meet citizen expectations


Nadav Benbarak

Nadav Benbarak

Group Marketing Manager, vertical Solutions, Okta

Byron Caswell

Byron Caswell

President and CEO, Regent Solutions, LLC!

Bob Woolley

Bob Woolley — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government