October 19
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Wayne County, Michigan, is the 13th largest county and also one of the hardest-hit counties in the nation. Traditionally reliant on the automotive industry, the county found itself with the highest unemployment rate and second-highest foreclosure rate in the country. Property tax revenues needed to support vital residential services dropped sharply in the span of 18 months.  With a population of nearly 2 million, more was at stake than just the county’s budget woes. The Detroit metropolitan area community itself was at risk.

Rather than admit defeat and throw in the towel, county CIO Tahir Kazmi turned to e-government to both close the funding gap and continue to deliver essential services. By leveraging a creative integration of off-the-shelf Electronic Content Management (ECM), workflow, and data management applications, Wayne County was able to quickly assemble a program to address the crisis. The results are extraordinary.

Join Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government for a special webcast presentation of the unique work done in Wayne County. At this live online event, you will you will learn:

  • How Wayne County used technology to keep citizens from losing their homes
  • Why ECM solutions must address unstructured as well as structured data
  • Which strategies for web content management and information delivery paid off
  • How the city county was able to provide just-in-time technology solutions while driving down costs and maintaining service quality
  • Which best practice lessons can be drawn for state agencies, cities, and other counties


Tahir Kazmi
Chief Information Officer
Wayne County, Michigan
Click here to hear from Tahir Kazmi about Wayne County's partnership with Open Text.

John Miri
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
Former Director of E-Government, State of Texas


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