The city of Alpharetta, Ga., is currently looking for vendors to help design a wireless network to be used by the city government. The city, situated in 22 square miles of hilly terrain has 16 offices with voice and/or data services connected in a wide-area network using fiber, frame relay and point-to-point circuits as well as about 80 mobile units using commercial wireless services. The city is looking for alternatives to its current infrastructure that will improve service and lower costs

The city is looking for a company to act as a consultant on how to proceed in how to build the ideal wireless network for the city government's departments. The closing date for the RFQ is July 28, after which time, the city will choose a consultant to help in designing the network. The city expects the consultation to last 30--60 days after which time the city will issue a request for proposal for the design and implementation of the network.

A request for proposal for the wireless network should be available at the end of September.