Two new mobile apps launching later this year will help voters find more information about the political ads they see. First reported by, the apps will use audio-fingerprinting technology to identify political advertisements and then provide users with more information about them, such as who paid for the ad.

It’s a legal requirement that political advertisements provide information on who paid for the ad, but such information is often too cryptic to be useful. One of the apps, called Ad Hawk, is being developed by software developer Bob Lannon and the Sunlight Foundation. The other app is called the Super PAC App and is being developed by two MIT graduate students.

"What we hope is that this app is going to reach below the upper-crust politicos who are already inclined to dig up this information on their own," Super PAC App developer Dan Siegel said, reported "We are hoping that this will reach a user base who finds it curious that every single commercial from August onwards is a political one, but doesn't really care to sign up for three hours of homework every night to Google stuff."

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