BOSTON -- Massachusetts state troopers are pilot-testing wireless devices at Boston's Logan International Airport. The law enforcement agency has deployed an application consisting of Hewlett Packard's iPAQ pocket PCs and software -- called PocketCop -- from the technology firm, Public Safety Group (PSG) The application allows state troopers to access law enforcement databases from virtually any location using HP iPAQ pocket PCs.

Previously, officers at Logan Airport used BlackBerry handhelds - successful in its implementation as an instant messaging device - but police also wanted instant access to data and needed a handheld PC to do that. With the HP iPAQ pocket PC plus the PSG PocketCop application, officers on foot or in cars anywhere in and around the airport complex can tap into state databases, as well as the motor vehicle registry and the FBI crime database, NCIC (National Crime Information Center).

The HP iPAQ pocket PC was well received by troopers who said the new tool was useful in performing their jobs. In addition to data access, the application brought them a calendar feature and email, plus the iPAQ expansion pack enabled officers to carry the lightweight PCs on their belts.

PSG sells a minimum of five of its open-architecture applications to police departments, and 10-unit orders sell for $35,000 to $40,000, not including monthly charges, according to a PSG spokesperson.