The city of Miami Beach, Fla., is developing a new application programming interface (API) that it hopes will result in a tourism boost, according to press release posted on

City officials partnered with web development company Solodev to create the API, which they claim is the first of its kind. The API is intended to help out-of-towners find local hotels based on their proximity to other businesses, like specific types of restaurants or beauty salons. Beyond local attractions, the API will also provide details on city amenities, allowing tourists and locals to find out whether a Miami Beach park has tennis or basketball courts, or how large its green spaces are.

“We take technology seriously and our investment in the sector is designed to take our destination to the next level and provide real-time information residents and visitors can use to have the best experience in our city,” said Jeff Lehman, chair of the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority.

According to Solodev, the city wants to be a technology leader and hopes to become a destination for tech events and conventions. The API platform, expected to launch in fall 2013, will support third-party app development for iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

The API will complement other recent offerings by Miami Beach, including a free citizen reporting app that integrates with the city's customer support center, and free public Wi-Fi available through the Wireless Miami Beach program.