BRIDGEWATER, Mass., -- Bridgewater and Framingham Police Departments have agreed to deploy Aether PocketBlue 2.1, a handheld wireless application for mobile law enforcement.

Aether PocketBlue is part of an integrated mobile communications system, providing access to criminal database queries as well as silent and secure messaging. Both Bridgewater and Framingham police departments already have wireless access to key state and federal records and silent messaging from within police vehicles. By adding PocketBlue, police officers in both departments can now access the databases and messaging regardless of their location.

"Now that PocketBlue is certified for use in Massachusetts by the Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB), we felt very confident and motivated to deploy the handhelds for use by our officers on foot," said Sergeant Tom Schlatz of the Bridgewater Police Department. "PocketBlue provides our officers with rapid access to criminal history data and the ability to send reliable and secure messages, which will reduce radio traffic to dispatch."

Features include:

* Availability on the PocketPC-based Compaq iPAQ as well as RIM and Palm devices.

* Field Interview Tracking, which allows officers to write contact data about pedestrians and vehicles and add them wirelessly to Aether's LAN-based StopTracker administration and reporting module.

* Integration with Aether's laptop solution for law enforcement, which allows officers to set their status and see who is logged onto the system.

* A "Sent Messages" window, providing an Outbox where users can review, edit and re-submit sent messages.

* Additional queries unique to Massachusetts users.