NEW YORK, NY -- This month, Verizon Communications announced it was activating 150 of a planned 1,000 wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) transmission stations throughout the city. The stations, known as hotspots, will be located in public payphones.

The total deployment of the transmission stations will mark the largest such initiative by an Internet service provider in a single U.S. city, according to Verizon. The wireless service provides Internet access at broadband speeds and is available free to Verizon customers who have Wi-Fi compatible laptop computers, PDAs or pocket PCs.

"From businesspeople to college students, all kinds of people on the go are looking for better ways to stay connected," said James A. Otterbeck, a Verizon senior vice president. "Free access to our data network through emerging Wi-Fi technologies gives our customers benefits they can get from no other provider and make our broadband service uniquely competitive."

Users can access a wireless high-speed Internet connection at up to 300 feet from the payphones, which were selected according to their location in places like parks, bus stops, and public squares, as well as indoors at certain locations.