SUNNYVALE, Calif., -- Proxim Corporation announced in March that schools in seven states affecting nearly 400,000 students have installed, or will soon do so, wireless wide area networks using its Tsunami products that provide increased bandwidth for Web access, file sharing and email.

Schools in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana will be able to run new applications, such as multimedia, distance learning and voice over the wireless networks, which are being built in partnership with Trillion, a leading ISP. One school in Tennessee said the wireless network has saved it $100,000 per year in Internet service connection costs. "We now have a system that enables us to better manage Internet and administrative traffic on the network," said Joan Gray, director of technology for Bedford County School in Tennessee.

The use of wireless connectivity in schools has increased, particularly in rural districts, where the there's a lack of traditional communications companies willing to support educational bandwidth needs at affordable prices, according to Rick Rushing, Trillion COO.