TULSA, Okla. -- Tulsa's wireless data system is the first in Oklahoma to incorporate a fully integrated online report writing suite for its Police Department.

The Tulsa Police Department's new reporting capabilities allow officers to complete field interviews, incident reports and accident reports online. This new capability has significantly increased officer and overall department efficiencies, according to George Smith, Systems Development and Support manager for the Tulsa Police Department.

"Prior to the installation of this system, officers submitted reports using traditional paper documents," said Smith. "That cumbersome, timely process has been completely transformed with the adoption of the new wireless system."

The wireless data system was incorporated into the city's existing data radio network. Police vehicles feature laptops and docking stations, and gateway software and vehicular radio modems provide the link to the city's wireless infrastructure. The system's software enables Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), messaging, wants and warrants inquiries, field interviews and incident and accident reporting capabilities. The Wants & Warrants module includes access to local, state and federal databases.

The Motorola 800 MHz Private DataTAC 2.0.3 backbone covers 400 square miles and provides both compression and encryption of system information. Since formal acceptance, the Tulsa Fire Department also has joined the system.

Miriam Jones  |  Chief Copy Editor