Which state has the highest broadband IQ in the nation?

According to the 2012 State Broadband Index by TechNet -- which gave all 50 U.S. states a numerical value based on broadband adoption, network speed and economic structure -- it's Washington state.

Researches used Census Bureau statistics to measure statewide broadband adoption rates, network speed tools to measure connection quality, and the number of jobs created both directly and indirectly by broadband infrastructure and apps development.

Like an IQ, each state's rating is based on a scale where a value of 100 is considered average. The top five states in the nation (with their scores) when it comes to broadband, according to TechNet, are Washington (152), Massachusetts (146), Delaware (141), Maryland (140) and California (132).

Read the full report at technet.org, and get a glimpse of more findings here: