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What if paying a ransom was illegal? While opinions vary widely, some policymakers believe preventing ransomware victims from making payments would remove the incentive for the crime in the first place.
Modeled on the FedRAMP program to pre-verify the cybersecurity of third-party vendors, StateRAMP is now working to get states on board and fill out its roster of companies certified to work with government.
Liza Massey, CIO of Marin County, just north of San Francisco, discusses the intersection of digital and racial equity, and the importance of getting the community involved to push efforts forward.
In Georgia, The Ray is a smart highway corridor and test bed for technologies that can make the most of roadways. GIS is helping map underutilized resources to demonstrate the potential of existing infrastructure.
Fax machines have largely disappeared from private-sector offices, yet remain in many state and local government agencies. Eliminating them will not only save money, but also push forward digital services.
Despite the ever-growing need to secure the public sector, hiring and retaining cyber professionals in state and local government has never been harder. Here are three tactics that may help.
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While the lion's share of the funding available to state government in the just-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill will be dished out based on formulas, the majority of the grant programs will be competitive.
Most state CIOs expect remote work to continue and for digital services to keep proliferating. That introduces a host of shifting priorities, including a renewed need for cybersecurity enhancements and identity tools.
While tech makes up a minority of spending for local governments that received federal COVID relief funds, it has pushed many toward modernization, cybersecurity and digital service efforts, a new survey has found.
State, local, territorial and tribal entities have used $150 billion from the Coronavirus Relief Fund — part of the CARES Act — for many things. But with the Dec. 31 deadline approaching, some still have a lot left.
A visual, data-driven look at the 52 winning counties in the 2021 Digital Counties Survey, from IT spending and CIO priorities to emerging tech and the future of workforce.
State and local governments are set to receive billions if the legislation passes, including funding to support cybersecurity, broadband, transit, roads, water and more. Here are the details.
GovQA, a company that makes software to help public agencies with records requests, has put out a report measuring the difficulty of the job over time, using data from its customers. Here's what they found.
Five years ago, a report from the municipal website builder OpenCities found many ways local governments needed to improve. Now a follow-up finds that they’ve improved in some areas, but still have plenty of work to do.
GovQA, which sells software to help the public sector handle public records requests, is putting out a quarterly index to benchmark how difficult the job is. By their measure, complexity has more than doubled since 2018.
The annual report from, which aggregates statistics from searches performed on federal government websites, shows an increase in overall activity as well as several changes in topic interest.
Granicus, which has a wealth of data on the performance of emails sent from government to the public, has released statistics on which kinds of emails about the COVID-19 vaccines do best. Here are the big takeaways.
The nationwide communications network for public safety has come a long way since it started operating in 2018. New numbers from AT&T, the company hired to build out the network, illustrate how it continues to grow.
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