Boston launched a new hacker space on Nov. 8 with an event to showcase what the space can do with big data. Called hack/reduce, the city will use the space to bring academics, industry professionals and the public sector together to solve problems, according to an announcement on Business Wire.

The large-scale computer cluster in downtown Boston's Kendall Square also offers large data sets and specialized training to help foster innovative big data discoveries. The space's first major project will focus on harnessing data to help reduce traffic congestion in the state.

“To lead in the big data revolution, Massachusetts is cultivating the best talent, the most cutting-edge technology, and the best environment for spurring future innovation,” said Governor Deval Patrick.

The space will also host educational events and hackathons. Local enthusiasts and industry players are showing strong interest in the project. The city has received more than 50 membership applications since October. One of the first applicants to be accepted in the space's Resident Hacker program was sqrrl, a startup company focused on big data security. The space's first hackathon is scheduled for Nov. 17.

"Hack/reduce is about engagement, education and innovation,” explains Chris Lynch, co-founder of hack/reduce and partner at Atlas Venture. “Boston is a hotbed of activity in the big data space. We are excited to open the doors and start making things happen.”