Fingertip Art for Government

Here are seven typical facial expressions found in state and local government.

by / October 22, 2012

There are definitely clichés in every industry. In government, for example, that truism is making technology or processes available at citizens’ fingertips. And with the Internet blistering with the famed fingertip art of notable people — including Mozart, the Dalai Lama and Apple’s brainchild Steve Jobs — Government Technology decided to use all fingertips at its disposal to conjure up our very own fingertip expressions for those in state and local government. Below are seven expressions that we imagine various government workers would have in a given situation.

In an age where data breaches are so prevalent, the last thing IT security experts want is to admit to a faulty code, weak encryption or low IT security integrity. We’d imagine Dan Lohrmann and MS-ISAC members to look like this when trying to come up with tough encryption standards:

How about Phil Bertolini and all those government agencies participating in the G2G cloud initiative? This face is representative of many who are reaping the benefits of collaboration.


San Jose often distributes many press releases about the city’s green projects. But have you ever wondered what comes to mind for all of those in the green environment?

Over the weekend, there was a lot of hubbub about Endeavour in Los Angeles. Public safety officers were shuttling around the retired 170,000 pound Endeavour on a 12-mile journey. While a part of history, they’re probably really thirsting for champagne time when the shuttle is finally at the California Science Center and the city’s already-slow traffic can go back to normal. How do you think they feel?

Government’s purse strings are tighter than ever, and agencies are “doing more with less” in this “tough economic crisis.” Ever wonder how procurement officers feel knowing they can’t afford to buy equipment or participate in collecting purchasing agreements?

All states were recently graded in the 2012 Digital States Survey, a biennial review of states’ technology practices. The common expression for CIOs in states that got A’s.

Seattle, Boston, Code for America and the myriad cities and entities that are data lovers, there’s only one expression to sum their affair with open data.

As you might have observed, Government Technology’s art isn’t as refined as the famed fingertip artist’s, and although the saying goes, “there’s an app for that,” we didn’t find one for fingertip art. Maybe it’s time to tap the crowd? That’s right, show us what kind of fingertip art you can create!



Karen Stewartson

Karen Stewartson served as the managing editor of Government Technology for many years. She also contributed to Public CIO and Emergency Management magazines.