Tablets Make Election Debut

While not yet widespread, tablets are being used in several counties around the country as balloting devices.

by / November 6, 2012

There's no voting app (yet), but tablets are being used as balloting devices in some locations around the country for this week's election. According to a report in GeekWire, a Microsoft Surface tablet is being tested in a precinct in Charlottesville, Va. While the tablet is not actually being used to cast votes, voters can use the device to fill out and print a ballot, which can then be submitted for counting.

Only one tablet, running Democracy Live's LiveBallot application on a cloud-based Windows platform, is being used in Charlottesville. But Bryan Finney, CEO of Democracy Live, told Geekwire that a larger deployment is planned using the next generation Surface, which will incorporate Windows 8 Pro. 

Kim Nelson, executive director for e-government at Microsoft, told Government Technology that Microsoft tablets are also being used in some counties in Florida and California.

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