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George Boersma: One of Government Technology's 25 Doers Dreamers & Drivers

The key to success, according to this middleman, is finding innovative ways to make IT partnerships beneficial for all players involved

This is an excerpt from the 2006 "Government Technology's 25 Doers Dreamers & Drivers" an annual tribute to those individuals who are redefining and advancing technology's role in government and society.

Serving as a middleman teaming private- and public-sector talent throughout Michigan, George Boersma, director of technology partnerships for the Michigan Department of Information Technology, is advancing IT development in the public square.

Several villages and townships couldn't afford to create Web pages and lacked the expertise to produce them. Boersma helped to create symbiotic relationships between those local municipalities and university students with the skills to create their Web pages.

"The experience the students received was invaluable -- they not only gained technical knowledge, but learned lessons in local governance," Boersma said. "Their resum
Andy Opsahl is a former staff writer and features editor for Government Technology magazine.
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