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Bill McGarigle

April 16, 2002

Low-Budget GIS

Web-based mapping service helps Island County, Wash., cut the cost of delivering GIS data to departments and the public.

October 1, 2001

Picking Up the Trail

Crime analysis, agency cooperation and centralized data aid in proactive enforcement of sex offender/predator statutes in Pinellas County, Fla.

August 31, 2001

Drawing Better Boundaries

Minnesota is using new software to make redistricting easier and more transparent.

July 17, 2001

Chasing Californias Rolling Blackouts

GIS is helping emergency response teams in Fremont, Calif., prepare for rolling blackouts.

May 6, 2001

High-Tech Borders

The border patrol in the San Diego area is using GIS, GPS and biometrics to help curb illegal immigration.

May 6, 2001

Crime In Realtime

Delawares realtime crime reporting system is revolutionizing the job of law enforcement officials in the state.

February 12, 2001

Retrieving The Wreckage

When Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crashed off the coast of California, technology played a critical role in the combined investigative efforts of public, private and military organizations.

December 12, 2000

Tackling GIS Credibility Issues

A municipal government in Canada had to overcome user skepticism in order to make GIS an effective tool.

October 30, 2000

Nuthin But Maps

The layers of information in existence at the city and county level of government are agencies to relinquish control of data to GIS utilities.

September 26, 2000

Erasing Borders

Investment in digital orthographic coverage leads to wider cost-saving through collaboration.

October 31, 1999

FIRM Support for Accurate Maps

GIS-revised floodplain boundaries create benefits for homeowners and businesses in Winnebago County, Wis.

August 31, 1999

Mapping the GLOBE

GIS technology lets student scientists see environmental data as they collect it.

July 31, 1999

Integrating the System Bus into the Bus System

Creating the metropolitan transit system for the 21st century

June 30, 1999

Finding a Place on the Map

Students learn the value of GIS as a teaching tool.

May 31, 1999

Forests for the Future

GIS played a critical role in Headwaters negotiations.

April 30, 1999

Big Job, Small Budget

A small but growing Colorado town assembles a powerful GIS tool that fits the bill.

March 31, 1999

Policing Where the Crime Is

CODEFOR is Minneapolis' comprehensive approach to reducing crime by putting resources where the criminals are, and increasing the gathering and sharing of information.

February 28, 1999

Red Cross Finds Relief with First On-site GIS Project

One chapter's new program can save time,

December 31, 1998

A CAST of Millions (of bytes of data)

The University of Arkansas' Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies builds an advanced spatial-data warehouse.

November 30, 1998

Web/GIS Application Gives Small City Big Help

Vallejo, Calif., turns to GIS to replace jobs lost to the closing of a naval shipyard.

October 31, 1998

New System for Spatial

The Washington State Department of Transportation takes a GIS standard for a test drive.

September 30, 1998

Airport Soundbytes

GIS speeds up documentation for airport noise mitigation program.

August 31, 1998

Learning with Wolves

The interest and enthusiasm of Minnesota students help serve two very important purposes.

July 31, 1998

The Census of the Century

Technology runs toward making the U.S. census the most accurate it's ever been, but there's a headwind.

April 30, 1998

A Healthy Dose of GIS

GIS helps globalize and organize health maintenance efforts.

March 31, 1998

COGs Keep Government Wheels Moving

A Texas COG takes an enterprising approach to the development of a regional basemap.

January 31, 1998

GIS Made Easy

HUD hopes its new community planning software will easily and painlessly bring people and government together.

December 31, 1997

Elk Collared in New Mexico

GPS and GIS help the Los Alamos National Laboratory track and study elk population and migration.

November 30, 1997

Crime Profilers Gain New Weapons

Linkage analysis and geographic profiling systems get criminals where they live.

October 31, 1997

New York's High-Wire Act

A GIS-based study identifies populations living near high-voltage power lines in an attempt to determine cancer risk.

September 30, 1997

GPS Plots Drainage on the Flat

Some resourceful sourceful surveyors in Florida's Orange County build a GPS system on a shoestring.

June 30, 1997

GIS/GPS Aid in Stalking Bosnia's Hidden Killers

Land mines - death traps from wars gone by - do not know the difference between enemy soldiers and children playing. Technology has been enlisted to help locate and remove them.

May 31, 1997

Land-Use Planning By Joystick

Scottsdale planners fly decision-makers through potential developments.

April 30, 1997

Satellites Help Track Offenders in Realtime

Florida and Pennsylvania use a GPS-based system for realtime offender tracking.

March 31, 1997

Puerto Rico's New Geodetic Network

Losses in property-tax revenue and litigation over property disputes led to a new high-accuracy geodetic reference network for Puerto Rico.

February 28, 1997

Digital Aerial Photography Flies

Recent advancements in digital aerial photography is making it an inexpensive choice.

January 31, 1997

TWA Flight 800 -- Picking Up the Pieces

Sophisticated systems comb ocean floor for clues to TWA flight 800 disaster.

December 31, 1996

CAD Provides Hurricane Relief

A dispatch management system is helping Wilmington, N.C., expedite 911 calls with maximum speed and accuracy.

November 30, 1996

Shopping for Satellite Imagery?

The opening of the high-resolution imaging market

October 31, 1996

Troubleshooting Holes in Wireless Coverage

GIS is helping to analyze coverage trouble spots in new wireless services.

September 30, 1996

GPS Assists Earthquake Probability Assessment

Global Positioning Systems may help geologists determine which faults they should be most concerned with.

August 31, 1996

Slick Solution for Oil Spills

In the midst of increasing oil tanker traffic along U.S. coasts, Texas is using new technology to protect beaches, wildlife and marine resources.

July 31, 1996

GIS On the Trail of Disease

Spatial analysis of disease started with the London cholera epidemic of 1854. Today, GIS is the newest tool in tracking epidemics.

June 30, 1996

Desktop GIS Preview

GIS technology is rapidly moving toward a wider group of users. Here are the latest tools available

May 31, 1996

GIS Aids Eradication of Florida Melaleuca Invasion

Decades ago, the Australian melaleuca tree was imported to help dry up Florida swampland and convert it into forests. Now, however, the melaleuca is seen as a threat to the Everglades and eradication efforts are under way.

March 31, 1996

Florida Paves Sensitive Path

GIS helps Florida DOT balance the need to build a safer road with the need to protect environmentally sensitive areas.

January 31, 1996

Traffic Accidents Mapped Electronically

New technology is helping gather traffic accident and crime scene data quickly and accurately.

October 31, 1995

Merging City/County GIS Efforts

A North Carolina city and county developed a joint GIS to access common information and lower costs

August 31, 1995

Planning GIS Database Accuracies

Agencies must evaluate their most important needs to select the right GIS accuracy

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