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Amazon Makes Fresh AI Push With Accenture, Anthropic

The effort is designed to appeal to the public sector along with banks, insurance companies and other organizations. Amazon and its partners want to bring new efficiencies and customization to the use of generative AI.

A new partnership involving Amazon seeks to spark more generative AI innovation in the government technology space.

The cloud computing giant — also known, of course, for its activities in retail, shipping and streamed entertainment — has teamed with Accenture — an IT services and consulting firm active in gov tech — and Anthropic — a startup trying to make a big splash in generative AI. The partnership aims to better serve the public sector and other “highly-regulated industries,” according to a statement.

The idea is to give public officials, bankers, insurance vendors and other professionals more ability to adopt and scale “customized generative artificial intelligence within their organizations.”

That could, in turn, lead to productivity gains, improved customer service and other benefits, according to that statement, while keeping data “private and secure.”

More specifically, those organizations can access AI models from Anthropic through Amazon Bedrock, a generative AI service via which developers can build applications.

“Services and accelerators from Accenture provide the ability to customize and fine-tune Anthropic’s Claude models to support specific client needs, including Accenture’s new generative AI switchboard,” the statement said.

That will make Claude more useful for such tasks as forecasting, generating regulatory documents and knowledge management, according to the three companies. And clients will be able to push their generative AI use cases “into production faster than starting from scratch.”

More than 1,400 engineers from Accenture will also receive specialized training on Anthropic’s AI models, with that knowledge going toward customer support.

This new AI push is another example of how Amazon is working to gain more influence in the gov tech industry. Earlier this year, for instance, Tyler Technologies — perhaps the closet thing gov tech has to its own Amazon — signed a fresh deal to keep using Amazon Web Services.