Cloud Security Gets Easier

By the Center for Digital Government

Cloud computing has brought many benefits to state and local government, but like all technology trends, it doesn’t come with any guarantees for success. Security concerns remain one of the biggest stumbling blocks standing between cloud’s ambitious potential and bottom-line benefits. The good news is that new solutions, including cloud-based services for centralized identity management and access controls, are changing the cloud security landscape. These solutions also offer ways for agency IT managers to boost information security, make information management easier and address challenges around governance policies. This Center for Digital Government thought leadership paper, sponsored by Symantec, discusses six of the top IT challenges facing state and local leaders and how cloud computing – with the right security, management and governance controls – can help overcome them.

Create Your Dream Office in 3 Simple Steps

Your office design and culture significantly affects employee attraction and retention. Luckily, it’s easier than you think to create a space where people love to work.

4 Hybrid Cloud Security Concerns

In March 2019, the Center for Digital Government surveyed 110 state and local government IT decision-makers on the topic of cloud security. While many governments are increasingly moving to a hybrid cloud environment, they aren’t fully confident in their ability to secure it. Learn more in this infographic.

Public CIO Essentials: Survival Skills for State and Local Technology Leaders

Today’s public CIOs need a unique mix of technology vision, management skills and leadership savvy to navigate a complex landscape and meet citizen expectations. And they need to help their agencies move beyond modernization by creating roadmaps for transformation - a process that requires more than technical skills.

Ebook: The IBM Watson Health Solution for Child Welfare

Many US child welfare organizations are transforming their Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems (SACWIS) into the new vision of Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS). Now is a good time to consider how child welfare organizations gather, manage and use data, and how their systems enable them to protect children and strengthen families.

Protecting Multi-Cloud Environments and Rebuilding Trust After a Breach

The cybersecurity threat landscape continues to evolve. In 2017, cybercriminals’ tactic of choice was ransomware. And in 2018, cryptojacking grew by 450 percent. It remains to be seen which new risks will emerge in 2019, but threats never stand still as cybercriminals continually shift tactics to avoid detection. At the same time, a hybrid multi-cloud world is increasing the complexity and degree of IT integration and creating more potential points of security vulnerability.

The Evolving Role of Today's Government CIO

"It's an exciting time to be a CIO, but also one of the scariest and most challenging," says Teri Takai, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government. Download this Q and A to hear Takai and Sreeram Visvanathan, Global Managing Directing of Government Healthcare & Life Sciences at IBM, discuss the soft skills government leaders need to thrive, how they can best manage and secure multi-cloud environments, and what new technologies like artificial intelligence mean for the future

Investigative Analysis in Law Enforcement - i2

Unlike popular TV crime shows, discovering clues for complex crime rings takes a lot more time than an hour. Investigative analysis is a detailed tradecraft where the clues to advancing investigations and solving crimes often span numerous sources of information in multiple locations. As a result, law-enforcement agencies are often challenged to uncover insights as quickly as necessary during timesensitive investigations.

Building Smarter Governments with Location Intelligence

This white paper traces the evolution of how governments think about location data and offers a roadmap to help public sector leaders put location intelligence to work to benefit their communities.

How U.S. Gov Agencies Offer an Improved Online Experience

U.S. constituents expect government agencies to improve the delivery of digital services. Here, we look at the major challenges to achieving that.

Know Your Enemy With Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting

By leveraging proactive cyber threat intelligence analysis along with advanced analytics, you can better understand your enemy and their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). Armed with this insight, you can better defend your network against advanced attacks.