Cloud Security Gets Easier

By the Center for Digital Government

Cloud computing has brought many benefits to state and local government, but like all technology trends, it doesn’t come with any guarantees for success. Security concerns remain one of the biggest stumbling blocks standing between cloud’s ambitious potential and bottom-line benefits. The good news is that new solutions, including cloud-based services for centralized identity management and access controls, are changing the cloud security landscape. These solutions also offer ways for agency IT managers to boost information security, make information management easier and address challenges around governance policies. This Center for Digital Government thought leadership paper, sponsored by Symantec, discusses six of the top IT challenges facing state and local leaders and how cloud computing – with the right security, management and governance controls – can help overcome them.

Help Keep Your Agency Running and Ready

When the unexpected happens, it can overwhelm the organizations that citizens and your workforce rely on most. Verizon’s work-from-home solutions help you expand and maintain critical government operations during a crisis.

2020 Mobile Security Index

The demands on public sector institutions to innovate are just as intense as in the private sector. Service users expect more and don’t want to wait for it. Mobile devices are key to service delivery, but could be exposing infrastructure as well as citizen employee data to greater risk. Take a deep dive into mobile security in local, state and federal government agencies and education providers with this paper.

2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

If there’s one constant in our technology-driven world, it’s that data breaches remain as ubiquitous as ever. Not surprisingly as our world becomes more connected, each connection point represents a new threat vector for would-be attackers. Perhaps the best way to avoid an attacker’s crosshairs is to stay informed. The better you understand how attack trends are evolving and what threats you’re likely to face, the more focused you can be in your security planning. The 2

Return to the Workplace

As governments across the globe continue to deal with the current effects of COVID-19 they also facethe upcoming task of returning their citizens safely to the workplace.

The Procurement Official's Guide to the Cloud

Read this handbook for step-by-step insights on how to become a change agent within the procurement process and get actionable information to develop modern policies and best practices for cloud purchasing.

Data Management for Crisis Response and Recovery

The success of an organization's response to a crisis hinges to a large degree on its ability to manage the accompanying deluge of data. Whether you're responding to a natural disaster, an economic collapse, or a disease outbreak, the capability to leverage data as an asset is critical.

Service Management Beyond IT

Read this paper to find out how an IT services management platform in the cloud helps North Carolina improve responsiveness in times of crisis and calm.

Building a Platform for Smarter Government

State and local governments have higher than ever expectations to provide private-sector levels of service to their citizens. Learn how state agencies, higher education institutions and local governments can purchase smart government tools more easily and cost-effectively through the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint® cooperative purchasing contract.

7 Characteristics of Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Hybrid cloud is the infrastructure of choice for enterprises that want the benefits of public cloud, while still supporting and running on-premise and private cloud workloads. According to Gartner, by 2020, 75% of organizations will have deployed a multicloud or hybrid cloud model. A hybrid cloud environment simplifies digital transformation by providing interoperability, workload portability, and strategic flexibility.

Build a Modern IT Foundation for Maximum Business Efficiency

Studies show that IT spends 71% of its budget on maintenance. The process of IT optimization helps you incrementally reclaim that budget. With an optimized IT foundation that supports automation and scales as you grow, you can implement what you want, when you want, without complex processes. By optimizing IT, you can focus your staff and budget on the projects that deliver deeper value to your customers. Learn how in this Red Hat e-book.