Where Is Nevada IT Procurement Heading?

Chief Procurement Officer Jeff Haag is looking to leverage more mutually beneficial relationships with regional and local partners, and to more carefully review the contracts the state already has.

Jeffrey Haag, Nevada
Government Technology/YouTube
When it comes to procurement contracting opportunities, Nevada Chief Procurement Officer Jeffrey Haag says his state is looking to take a collaborative approach.

"Here in Nevada, historically we've been very leveraged on cooperative contracts," he said, "and so we're evaluating the terms and conditions and price points that are available through those cooperative contracts, benchmarking them against federal contract awards, other government and private-sector awards to see how competitive they are."

And then eventually the state will make a decision as to whether those contracts need to be re-competed within the cooperative environment that they're in now, or if the state is better served in doing a standalone independent solicitation that would be more representative of the state's needs specifically.

Ultimately, Haag said, it's all focused on the relationship and ensuring that those in state government have the right relationship with their colleagues in local government.

"That we understand what their needs are, where they're spending their dollars as they move forward and try to develop their missions and their organizations," he said. "And then as we go out to bid, that we're communicating to industry that this is a collective effort within the state of Nevada that represents not only those needs of the Executive Branch agencies, but of the smallest local government entities across the state as well."