Clear My Record, a free online tool that helps reduce or dismiss convictions from users’ criminal records, has launched in California's Santa Cruz County, joining five other counties currently using the platform in the state. 

Clear My Record is a nonprofit service developed by Code for America, a nonprofit nonpartisan organization that helps government deliver services to the public, services that make better use of the tools and practices of the digital age. CfA staff announced the launch Friday, March 17 via twitter

This tool is also available in the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, San Francisco and Solano. The way the service works is simple: Users fill out a pre-screener to help an attorney understand the situation, an attorney then figures out what clearance options are available, and then in about four weeks the user hears from the county where they applied with next steps. 

The platform is one of three products that CfA Chief Technology Officer Lou Moore has said the organization would focus on as part of its ongoing work in the safety and justice arena. Other products named included GetCalFresh, a free nonprofit service to help Californians apply for food assistance programs; and ClientComm, a platform that facilitates communication between clients and case workers helping to navigate pre-trial, parole or probation issues.