Gov. Lamont Kicks Off State IT Centralization in Connecticut

Connecticut sees technology as key to meeting the needs of both its citizens and agencies. As such, the state will begin establishing an IT agency that will maintain higher tech standards across public entities.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont
(TNS/Hartford Courant/Patrick Raycraft)
Gov. Ned Lamont wants to see a new centralized IT agency in Connecticut within a year. 

The announcement came yesterday. According to a press release, Josh Geballe, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, will oversee the "process to centralize the coordination of the state's IT resources." Traditionally, Connecticut agencies have utilized "unique technology solutions" rather than "common platforms that communicate across agencies." 

"Technology is improving at a faster rate every day, and we need to make sure we have the most flexible and responsive IT organization possible in state government," said Connecticut CIO Mark Raymond in the release. "Our state agencies have incredibly talented IT staff, and under this new model we will be able to share that talent across state agencies ... I look forward to moving this project forward, and working closely with more of our state employees."

The state expects the centralization effort to lead to several outcomes, including more even distribution of newer technology and updates across agencies; fewer cybersecurity risks; tech solutions that are more accessible to the public; more professional development and advacement opportunities for state IT staff; and faster identification of service gaps between agencies. 

"This optimization is all a part of our broader efforts to modernize state government to better serve our residents,” Geballe noted. “To achieve our goal of providing services efficiently, the state needs to up our game in how we use technology. This change starts from the inside out, and we’re excited to continue this journey to improve the government experience for all of our residents.” 

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